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The more famous Wallet: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Fozens, Fendi, Hermes, Fuying's, Dunhill, Dior, Dunhill Dior Goldlion, Wanlima esprit, Leesizhe etc.. The wallet can not only put the money and bank cards, credit cards and other monetary tools to gather together into a package inside, and convenient carrying and use, usually a palm size. Now the purse besides above the role can also be or carry accessories when using the family photo folder. Wallet according to its style basically can be divided into long replica wallets, brief paragraph purse; in Long Wallet with the rectangle shape to grow perceptibly, longer length. If things more and put the wallet bag of words, to choose long in the bag is appropriate. A wallet short packets, in Long Wallet also more atmosphere. Brief paragraph purse length and width is short, usually near the square, if often will pocket money packaging, with short wallet is appropriate. Using traditional manual replica gucci wallets techniques to convey his feeling concept. Hikaru Matsumura in 1993 to enter the Issey Miyake company, founded in 2006 with the personal name brand bags, original classic Osaka baseball glove manufacturing and Issey Miyake women's handbag features of the "The Unique Bag" series, with 184 components, 775 production process, complicated and exquisite skill than the general bag production to complex doubled to more than, it is amazing!

Classic turned out multiplexing, this technique It is often seen. in fashion circles, with a time stamp tags, as easy to be betting feelings. "VOGUE most loves" recommend it, it is a nearly 100 year heritage of the "engraved" edition - the BVLGARI 1910 series of vintage advertising print wallet. The BVLGARI 1910 series, over a series of brand classic totem, such as was used in the BVLGARI Via Dei Condotti store in Rome the art nouveau style of the old version of advertising, is now printed on cotton canvas, canvas herringbone zigzag pattern was repeated in BVLGARI classic products, this. By the angle brackets continuous symbolic design, in the design sketch in the early 1950's and luxury louis vuitton replica handbag also appeared frequently. Wallet trim and print color consistent, the calf leather, in addition to dark purple, and black and beige available. The joint not only Atmos and Porter so simple, even the authorized distributor of Japanese Arkkaban store come together to gather together noisy. Bright colors look to know from Atmos's ingenuity, even Porter tags are small with a spoof of bright colors, quite interesting. Use the texture is still quite rich Porter idea. Maintain cooperation with domestic top fashion brand style, since the ACROSS jointly launched the postman and acclaimed, this time to the United ACROSS designed the woven zipper wallet, with red and blue woven leather elements, with YKK zipper and high quality production, will become the most eye-catching quarter single product. Zero wallet, very cool, filled with coins after the drum drum, like to play. Because it is the ratio of 1:1 replica louis vuitton wallets, the submachine gun is a little big, difficult to put into the bag, it can only carry gun, go to the convenience store to buy something, there may be a small misunderstanding, there are white and pink, probably more like toys, black more fun. Designer: James Lassey. A checkered wallet man purse brand Milry launched, the coffee color diamond lattice patterns as design elements, through the high quality top head layer cowhide good texture can appear more beautiful, whether for business or leisure are very suitable for. Our brand Honey new year launched into a rabbit small zero purse, very soft to the touch, far look like a cloud hanging in the neck, a feeling of the heart that soft small happiness. Styles in vain, either Casual or other suitable for modeling the little princess, can accommodate the Yangcheng Tong and change.

Replica Wallet, is a kind of belongings necessary, not only need the money, there are often important documents to carry, and took out his wallet, in that moment, also show the taste and temperament, so in the purchase of the wallet, how to choose the right replica purse? The purse, the most important is to choose their own identity, but also can reflect their own personality wallet is best, we analysis from the following three aspects: 1, recognize the dermal signs. 2, check the goods without trademark, factory name and address, certificate. Imports of leather products shall be Chinese logo. A, wallet is a common thing, natural to utility as the supreme principle, in the choice of the purse, regardless of hermes replica style, quality, brand, card number is sufficient, inside the interval, should be the key consideration. B, zero wallet than pure, set key bag, bag in one of the styles change is more suitable for the practical of you, can the keys, coins and other small articles, also conforms to the modern women's professional image. C, man purse with leather material dark, style with concise and easy to carry bag! If the man can choose a rectangular wallet, if carry on the pocket wallet, can choose to put across the money purse! Do not choose too high price of waste too much, do not buy too cheap replica hermes wallets she is considered. Metal parts such as buttons, wallet, key ring hook etc., shall see its gilded is intact, in general, copper products is not easy to rust, fade. The joint purse should pay attention to whether the close, but note that, too, will the whole leather pull too tight, causing the wallet rupture. Note that the leather is too much of the seam, slot if too much, said the use of several different skins made, so a good purse should avoid had joint much.

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